Saturday, April 21, 2012

prodigal blogger.

I've taken a break from blogging for a while now.  Instead of being something that was rewarding and meaningful, it had become a way in which I found myself gaging my days and my life- comparing my stories and accomplishments to all of your wonderful stories and accomplishments. I can be so critical, most often of myself, and suddenly I felt that I was in a competition. And I wanted out.

So away I went.

But, the thing is, I like to write. I like to write so much so, that when I don't do it on a consistent basis, I feel less like myself.  And as much as I don't like to admit it sometimes, this blog provides accountability for me to write words down regularly. It's tricky like that.

So, I've decided to come back.

The lovely Nesha helped me revamp things around here. She is wonderfully patient and I'm so grateful for her help.  I've left my old blog name behind and have started new. I've cleaned house a bit. And while I am so excited to share bits and pieces with all of you, I'm even more excited to have this tiny little space to return to.

(I'm so excited in fact, that right now I'm lying in a bed of glitter and streamers and am surrounded by empty champagne flutes from last night's celebration.  I threw THE craziest party to celebrate my return.*)

Happy weekend, all.

* Clearly, this is a lie.  Unless you count the movie I watched with my dog as a crazy party. Also. Who sleeps in glitter? And I don't own champagne flutes. Unless you count red solo cups. And if that's the case, then I own somewhere around 150.

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