Friday, July 29, 2011


It's been too long,
I know,
since I've written here.
My sincerest apologies to my vast
array of readers out there.
(I'll text all three of you later and
let you know the details of things.)
for now,
let me fill in the gaps for those of you
who may just be passing through.

And lots of it.

People moving on.
People moving out.
Rooms flipping.
Walls emptying.
Jobs ending.
New jobs beginning.
Old relationships.
New relationships.
Lots of reading.
Less t.v. watching.
Hours of class.
More cooking.

All good
and progression,
no doubt.

But I don't know.
I feel a little topsy-turvy right now.

However, I have all the confidence in the world that
at the end of my spinning
I'll end up facing in the correct direction.
I think it just may take a bit for my equilibrium to understand.


Ruth said...

(Am I #4, then? ;) All of this sounds wonderful. Topsy turvy, yes, but wonderful all the same. Did you finish school? I remember at this time last year I came so close to heading off to grad school for social work (close to what you're doing, if I remember?) and felt so topsy turvy in that phase, too. I didn't go, but now can't wait to "end up facing in the right direction." Here's to it!

I often read, but rarely comment :(

Courtney Hope said...

Hello sweet Ruth! Thank you for your comment:) I'm glad you understand my topsy-turvy feelings. And yes, I'm technically finished with school- spending the next year in my internship.

And yes! You are absolutely #4:)