Wednesday, April 6, 2011

good tears.

I've found myself buried in a house away
from sunshine and noise and any form of human life.
I've been researching and drinking coffee and cleaning and thinking.
And it's been all kinds of wonderful.
I've also found myself crying.
Too much.
Actually, I rescind that statement.
I've found myself crying just enough.
Sometimes it feels like the most amazing thing in the world
to just let tears collapse and crawl down your face,
with no need to stop them or pat them down.
If you'd like to cry a whole lot too,
I highly recommend these two bits of visual and audio entertainment.
I dare you to engage in the entirety of both this and this and not shed (good) tears.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Oh yes! The woman in that episode, the one with the short blond hair--I heard her speak at a domestic violence conference not long after this episode was filmed! Thanks for reminding me of this. I haven't seen it yet! And I imagine a tear or two will be premenstrual side is running rampant--tonight I cried watching American Idol!