Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have a secret.

Sometimes, when I'm really overwhelmed and scared about life,
I sit criss-cross apple sauce in front of my mirror.
I take a deep breath, lean in really close, and try to memorize
everything I can see in that moment.
I look at my small hands on my knees, and the squirrelly hairs that have fallen in my face.
I look at the shape of my eyebrows and the ruddy pink of my cheeks.
I notice the color of the shirt I'm wearing and the shape and size of my ears.
And I always look myself in the eye(s) for a long while,
trying to search for something graceful, for something bold.

And I remember that no matter
how big my life may seem,
I'm still me-
flaws and all.

And no one can speak that away.


rachael said...

love you.

becca jordan said...

thats good. like go get it published somewhere good.

Monica said...

no, no one can speak that away. wonderfully put.