Tuesday, April 26, 2011

call it what you will.

I may have shared this with a few people,
and I guess I'm going to share it with a few more people now.
I'm kind of convinced that,
at some point in my life,
I'm going to have a son (specifically) with special needs.
Call it a premonition.
Call it a feeling.
Call it what you will,
but it's something that I've always kept in the back of my mind.
And so, of course, I've stored up tidbits of information about the topic,
wondering if, some day far away from now, I'll pull this information back out,
thanking my innate intuition and faith in something bigger than myself
for preparing me for the best of days
and the worst of days.

Keeping with this idea,
a wonderful older customer at work dropped off
a couple of used books for anyone who cared to read them.
One was called "Expecting Adam" by Martha Beck,
and through a sequence of events, it ended up in my hands.
I decided to take it home (mainly because it was endorsed
by Ms. Anne LaMott of life-changing fame) and I haven't regretted my decision.

It's about a woman who gets pregnant.
And gives birth to a son with Down's Syndrome.

So now, well, I can't stop reading it.
It's a wonderful story, really.
And its completely detoured me from
anything and everything else I should be doing.

I blame the premonition.


Eleanor said...

I love Expecting Adam. I suggest it to all of my friends. I'm glad you're reading it.

becca jordan said...

have you read this?
i'm sure you have by now.
SO good.


wilybrunette said...

nothing like a premonition. trust the gut.

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

thats incredible!