Monday, March 28, 2011

no cheeseburgers.

This weekend,
there was a brief visit from two of my
roommate's dearest friends from North Carolina.
Long walks, 10K's (not by me, let it be known), head lamps, and grilling parties ensued.
Also, a one-ton cookie cake was forced upon us in ways that I'm still recovering from.
In short, it was a wonderful reprise from the typical Friday/Saturday combination that
generally involves (for me) netflix binges, paper-writing, and deep longings
for hamburgers with cheese. Or, you know, cheeseburgers.

p.s. I realize that I'm not actually in any of these pictures,
but that's because I am allergic to the camera.
Or at least I was this weekend.

p.p.s. Sorry to all the Tarheel fans in the world. I tried to care. I really, really did.


becca jordan said...

have i mentioned i'm massively jealous i couldn't come hang out for a little bit? no?

i am.

especially now that i know there was cookie cake. damnit.

Rachel said...

missing you guys bad...I think its the spring. It makes me miss walks and back porch sits and beer and cigs. Nick even said he was missing know what that means??

mama bear said...

Love the third photo!