Tuesday, March 15, 2011

notes i didn't take. part two hundred and twenty-nine.

Remember this kind of academic propriety in which I consistently engage?
Well last night, while sitting in on a presentation during class, I found myself participating in another full-on doodle-fest.

in another life,
I should have made a living drawing extravagant boxes.
That masquerade as buildings.
That spontaneously combust into flames.
That reach all the way to the moon.
Or all the way to the sun.
Or all the way to the too-skinny clouds that look like breadsticks.

p.s. I just want to remind everyone that I'm going on year number twenty of my education. If your doodling isn't quite up to speed, I recommend attending a graduate program that takes three to five years. This will allow you ample opportunity to practice the art of appearing interested in new information whilst really working on your next piece of doodling genius. Totally worth the fifty grand.


jme4ya25 said...

oh,CW your many talents just continue to unfold! Maybe this is the ticket to getting paid more than we get paid at starby!

Rachel said...

so Im just gonna say it for everyone, its good to have two posts from you in one week. It made my little heart jump for joy! Love you!

Nicky said...

hahahha! My friend and I turned full sketch artists in the last semester of our nursing program. We could sketch the instructor like nobody's business ;) ! I like your box landscape! :D