Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I come back to things a lot.
What I mean is, when I like something, I want to revisit it over and over. I revisit music a lot. I revisit food a lot. I revisit passages of words, even though I may know them by heart. I revert to old methods of coping and old habits of creating and, in general, I find my sense of home in various clusters of sound and tastes and feelings.
I think we all do this in various ways.
I'm fairly certain it's called being alive.

However, some days, I cling to fairly quirky thoughts/words/chapstick consistencies/podcasts/artists/mugs/lyrics/eye-rolling patterns/quotes/songs/dance moves.
I think you get the idea.
And on these kinds of days, when big or hard or expensive bumps occur (like today! yay car repairs!), I'm thankful for the small things that make me feel alive.
I'm grateful for my ability to find my home in this song or these words.
In short, I've found that "revisiting" often gets me where I need to go-
away and freer than I was before.

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elizabeth said...

i revisit a lot as well!