Friday, January 14, 2011

on repeat.

This week has felt long.
But not necessarily in a bad kind of way.
Actually, maybe it's been the quite the opposite.
The days have stretched out,
and filled up to the very end
with interesting, hard work,
new music,
important conversations with friends,
and quiet.
Oh, I've soaked up the quiet,
you better believe.

My practicum has begun.
It entails a couple days a week to be spent in the schools,
working with students who need it the most. I like that-
helping the ones that need it the most.

And in between I'm still pushing coffee and causing trouble in my own head.
I'm pretty good at both.

Also, I'm listening to this and this and this over and over again. Long commutes leave lots of time for listening to things on repeat.

Happy weekend to all.

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