Saturday, January 22, 2011

i blame the meds.

I've felt under the weather the past few days.
I'm not entirely sure where that phrase derives from,
but regardless,
the weather has been grey
and so have I.
However, as it generally happens,
humor has been my saving grace,
along with lots of hot tea and inordinate amounts of DayQuil.

Thursday morning I woke up entirely too late,
as the night before I had decided to bottoms up on Tylenol P.M. and call it a day.
I had no time to shower, no time to pack a congruent and well-put together lunch, and left the house feeling extremely slimy (slimy?) and extremely rushed.
I'll blame my meds,
because in the next two hours
I managed to leave my main manual with all of my students necessary info
and schedules at my house,
spill a cup of coffee down the front of my shirt,
and flash an entire hallway of junior high students.

So, you see, I'm just really buying into the notion that humor is the best medicine.

And today?
Well, my plans include sitting.
I've written it on a piece of paper.
I'll check it off when it is fully completed.

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