Saturday, November 13, 2010


This last week I took a little drive to see this man. And this man. And these ladies.
Their music was beautiful.
A gift, really.
But the drive to the show was just as generous,
revealing the most delicious landscapes that I've never noticed,
even though I've driven that road a hundred times before.

And so,
I am learning
that sometimes
(or almost all of the time)
a long drive is the best gift I can give myself.
It makes the world the perfect size for me to hold on to,
and fold away for later.


Ruth said...

Ray Lamontagne--so jealous! Isn't he just amazing?

Glad you were able to appreciate the entire experience, too :)

Portraying Taylor Ashley said...

I love your pictures. im a total camera photgraphy freak. i love the way they make me feel and i cna explore different places everyday just by looking at others pictures ! they really are so beauftiful !