Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i have a gift.

It's been the strangest month,
this one.
Lots of birthdays and driving and studying and driving and studying and coffee and music and driving.

The roommate and I took a quick trip to Waco this past weekend for a little reunion of sorts.
There was lots of good music and old friends and new friends and porch swings and laughter.
I can't think of too many combinations I like better than that.

I've been doing a pretty bang-up job of procrastinating school related activities.
What can I say?
I have a gift.

I've been in complete denial regarding the upcoming Halloween festivities.
I kind of despise the holiday.
And I wish all of my friends shared this sentiment.
But, alas,
I've been invited to no less than three costume parties,
and this kid?
Yeah, well,
she hasn't even begun to think about a costume to wear.
I figure I still have three days.
(You see?
I really do have a gift.)

Happy Wednesday to you all.


rachael said...

getcha a sequined top hat and be Columbia! (i'm on a bit of a rocky horror kick this week.... dang glee)

elizabeth said...

i kind of don't like Halloween either.