Friday, September 3, 2010

less is more.

Days like today make me A-Ok with slow and steady.
It's been raining on and off.
The house is quiet, save Sufjan.
The backdoor is open.
The French Press is pressing.
Cookies are baking.
Candles are burning.
And a box of the sweetest gifts in the world was just
delivered and ripped open by Marlo and I.
My family really, truly, and readily loves me well.
I'm back in class.
I'm reading more.
I'm working less.
And I'm slowly getting a bit nervous about the prospect
of taking actual clients this semester.
Who am I to tell naive undergrads how to better
filter out the junk in their lives?
It seems I'm still learning how to do it myself.
(Quite poorly, I might add.)
slow and steady,
from what I hear,
wins the race.
And so,
is the pace...
And with a lot of this and even more
of this thrown into the mix,
you have no idea how much
I've been heeding this advice.

The happiest of Fridays to you all.


Ruth said...

This is SO lovely. Of course.

Carmella said...

rain, french press, sufjan, cookies, candles... i would love a day like this soon please!

love your blog, and all your musical favorites :)
thanks for leaving a comment so i could find you!

becca jordan said...

courtney! i had no idea you had a blog! glad i found it! now lets please get together and trade bog links.