Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I think autumn is lightly knocking today.
The weather is cooler than usual.
And less oppressive
and bright
Classes begin today for all of my collegiate comrades.
I will not begin until Tuesday
and so,
for now,
it feels a little bit like I'm hovering against the wall of summer,
quietly observing the dancing and shenanigans that the rest of
the world seems to be participating in,
all the while savoring these last few peaceful days
before I'm forced to get out on the dance floor
and kick up my heels with them.
for now,
I'm daydreaming of baking something delicious,
and taking a trip to Hobby Lobby to restock up on
white twinkly lights for the house.
I'm thinking about finishing my book,
and buying a new album,
and perusing for some perfect boots on ebay.
In short, I'm hoping to transition well, into this semester of life.
And I suppose chocolate and boots and white twinkle lights are the only certain ways in which I know how to do so.

p.s. A friend of mine sings this song a majority of the minutes of every day. In turn, I sing this song a majority of the minutes of every day. I love this kind of awful/wonderful recording of these guys collaborating. I think it's just too much fun to watch.


Lacy said...

Where do you find these?! I love the music you find!

elizabeth said...

great music. and everyone dreads starting school.

rachael said...

this is my current favorite song..i have been singing it pretty much for the last 3 weeks non-stop and it makes me most happy that you love it as well :)

::LYNDSEY:: said...

wait a minute...bake? you mean exercise ball? ;)