Monday, August 9, 2010


This is what happens when girls that have known each other
for far too long get together and drive around a small town.
Things like tampons hanging from rearview mirrors
suddenly induce belly laughs and graceless snorts.

(I'm quite certain I left my maturity somewhere between
that third glass of wine and fourth cup of coffee.)

This has been a week of friends on couches
and sweet hugs hello
and sloppy kisses goodbye.
Actually, there have been no sloppy kisses goodbye.
Only neat and tidy ones.

And speaking of goodbyes,
saying farewell to July was a bit sad and surprising for me.
It was sneaky, this beginning of the end of summer.
How? And when? And huh?
August, be good to me.
I need you to treat me well.

So, for now, I'm just listening to this and this to make the world make more sense.
Oh, and I'm also refusing to take off my pajamas.
Days off require it.


Portraying Taylor said...

i love being with girlfriends its so much fun and laughing is the most wonderful invention in the whole world!
if boys only knew what we do[:

Rachael said...


::LYNDSEY:: said...

yesssssss back. court, this is one of my favorite posts of yours. belly laughs...neat and tidy kisses. well put.

Chelsea said...

sometimes we all need sweet hugs hello and sloppy kisses goodbye.

and pajama days.

those are a must.


elizabeth said...

having friends is amazing! your life is great and sounds like so much fun!

josh healy said...

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