Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Where has summer gone?
I'm in awe of the speed in which this one has flown by.
Each day I make lists in my head,
so many lists,
of the things I am wanting to do and see and experience
before I am tied up ever so meticulously within the duties of school.
And still
each day
I remember that my window of opportunity
to do said things is growing smaller and smaller.

Yesterday I watched the rain for a long time
and thought about my life here lately.
I've been making a concerted effort these past few weeks to do less of that-
the "thinking" stuff-
and to do more of the "doing" stuff-
and yet, yesterday, I couldn't escape the questions
that are so familiar to me that they feel like home.
(An ever-changing, who forgot to take out the trash?,
cozy and maddening and why in the hell is there dog hair everywhere? kind of home.)

And then,
after I had thought for a while,
I went back inside and got back to the "doing" side of things.

I did some homework.
I did some reading.
I did some conversing.
And I did some crazy lusting after a mini-cheese quesadilla from Bueno.
And then
(because I'm all about the pro-action)
I went and got myself a mini-cheese quesadilla from Bueno,
and consumed it with the splendor of a thousand golden suns.

And it was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Check it off the list.


liz said...

nicely put. you have a way with words.

liz said...

P.S that "mini-cheese quesadilla from Bueno" sounds delicious.

Portraying Taylor said...

there ya go you got SOMETHING done .
i feel the exact same way though, so many plans so little time, there is always next summer, or you still have couple weeks, go for it [:


P.B. said...

Hey, do you want to get together sometime next week? (Or at least before the fall semester starts.) We could even go to Don Juans! :)