Thursday, June 3, 2010

house guests

(David and Craig. The ABSOLUTE sweetest couple one ever did meet.)

The past two weeks have involved a lovely parade of house guests
that have had to fall privy to our lack of a guest bed and my large, clumsy puppy.
Old friends, and more old friends, and their musical comrades, and more old friends, and their new, wonderful friends- it has all been just delicious, really.
Couches have been made up and cots have been constructed,
and laughing- so much laughing- has ensued.
And so I am convinced,
that no matter what one's age,
there is nothing more giggle-inducing
than having dear friends spend the night.
(Especially one's with precious little Chihuahuas.)


Elizabeth said...

awe, this is too sweet! lovely photo of the two.

Paige Baker said...

Soo cute! You have one of the coolest blogs I've seen in a while!