Tuesday, May 18, 2010

babies and bar brawls.

(One of my adorable identical twin cousins. The sad part is, I'm not sure which one this is...)

Friday night.
An atypical night for Courtney that landed her in a small and VERY local Texas dance hall.
There was lots of two-stepping,
lots of Shinerbock,
and then,
in the blink of an eye,
the most ridiculous bar brawl you've ever seen.
Let's just say it involved the entirety of the place,
with bartenders shouting,
grown men (and lots of them) throwing punches,
and more than a few breaking beer bottles.

I'm not going to lie.
It was all kinds of awesome.

Sunday night.
I drove out to spend some time with family,
including two of the sweetest twin baby boys you've ever seen.
They giggled
and burped
and caused all kinds of chaos.
And then,
minutes before bath time,
the screaming began.
They both began hollering,
and crying,
and making just terrible sounds.
And as I watched their chubby little arms and legs flail about with newly unearthed energy,
I laughed to myself.

Because doesn't it seem,
that no matter what the age,
no matter what the size,
and no matter what kind of bottle is clenched in the hand,
boys will most definitely be boys?

and rowdy boys.

And thank goodness for that.


Jenn Siegel said...

love this one court!

Meghan said...

I couldn't agree more - boys will be boys! I wish they all stayed as adorable as the little munchkin in the picture!

Elizabeth said...

I've missed your posts! glad your back and your definitely right. ha ha. cute photo :)