Thursday, April 1, 2010


So many moments as of late,
I find myself thinking about the somedays.

Someday, I'll drive a nice car, with air conditioning that functions and windows that don't get stuck.

Someday, I'll travel again, and I'll see beautiful new things and meet wonderful new people.

Someday, I'll own a bright red bike, a fancy-pants camera, and I'll have bookshelves from floor to ceiling.
(And of course, I'll have all the time in the world to ride my bike, use my camera, and read the books that fill my shelves, floor to ceiling.)

Someday, I'll feel those butterflies in my stomach again. You know, the ones that come with falling in love.

Someday, I'll live near the ocean. And I'll take long walks beside it, and spend countless hours floating upon it.

Someday, I'll learn to love my weird nose and white thighs, and embrace the fact that I'm never going to be a leggy brunette.

And someday, I'm going to wake up, and know what it feels like to love my life.

I desperately want to know this feeling.

Not today.

But maybe,

just maybe,

my someday will be


Nikki said...

i've been thinking about the somedays a lot too lately. my best trick: instead of letting those someday thoughts remind you what's lacking now, try to imagine them & feel the joy you'd feel if you were living them. play pretend & feel happy for a little while each day. they'll start to feel (and become) a little bit closer within reach each time. :)

olive juice photography said...

im in the same boat girlfriend! i keep hoping someday will be today too.. ive learned to just take things as they come and that just because i havent said that they are part of someday, they are a part of today.. (that made sense in my brain anyway..) :)

Meghan said...

I also will someday learn to love my legs and accept the fact that I will never be tall:(

Elizabeth said...

This post is so inspiring and hopeful. I really like it Courtney, and i love your blog!

thanks for the inspiration ♥