Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Apparently these guys have been around for a bit,
but I saw them yesterday linked to a funny article on NPR.
The article itself had to do with the
definition of the hipster,
and while I immediately forwarded it on to my
anti-hipster hippie sister Caroline,
I couldn't not watch this fantastic video at the end.

(I take stock in the fact that clearly I am not cool enough to have
discovered these guys without
the aid of NPR.
And that's at least two soy lattes shy of hipster.)

p.s. For the record, their cover of La Vie en Rose makes me ridiculously happy.


Lacy said...

You have great music taste. I still have a list of your suggestions from way back when. I'll buy some one of these days!

Ruth said...

So, I can't watch this video because I'm at work and it's blocked, but I DID just read the article defining hipster, and tried my best to disguise my giggles as coughs. Marvelous.

Meghan said...

Oh my gosh, my hubby and I LOVE POMPLAMOOSE! We can spend hours watching their clips!!!

Elizabeth said...

you indeed have a great taste in music.

Nikki said...


And I think your listening to NPR makes you just a tiny bit of a hipster, actually. (don't worry, me too.) :)

P.B. said...

Hmm... I didn't know soy was hipster-ish. I was beginning to wonder why the buck was running out of soy so much. I thought surely there weren't that many lactose intolerant folk running about! Now I know.

Shannon said...

pomplamoose is my favorite word in French ... grapefruit!