Saturday, April 17, 2010

patty. and other things.

It's Saturday
and I couldn't be more thrilled.
This past week tore me up a bit,
in completely trivial and absurd ways really.
I'm ridiculously giddy to be sitting in an empty house with nothing to accomplish.

It was, however, a week of complete juxtaposition.
Funny, wonderful events colliding with stress-inducing, ridiculous ones.
In a nutshell:

Lots of spilled coffee.
One traffic ticket.
Wonderful candy bar surprises from the roommate.
One parking ticket.
Epic test.
Three brutally late nights.
One tediously long paper.
An icelandic volcano eruption.
The discovery that one of my jobs is most likely dissolving.
An awesomely long conversation with my sister.
Did I mention Glee?
Pen-pal letters.
Too-tight skinny jeans.
Lots of this guy.
A busted water-line.
A flooded house.
And Patty.
Of course,
She and Buddy were brilliant.
Completely beautiful and wonderful and charming.

Of course,
I don't really remember much of the encore
because, apparently, I blacked out.
No, seriously.
Me and my ridiculous self passed clean out in the back of the venue and came to only to discover a group of strange faces staring down at me.
And no, I wasn't drunk.
Just unbelievably stupid.
(Apparently a Watchamacalit candy bar as your only meal of the day + five hours of standing in a crowded venue does not equal adequate "standing conditions" for Courtney. Lesson learned.)

I hope Patty didn't notice.

you know,
beyond these silly details,
it was a pretty tame week.

p.s. One of my favorite parts of the show was her confession that this song,
one of her most famous love songs,
was written about her one true love-
her dog.



Elizabeth said...

awe, that is too sweet! looks like you had a big week! lots of tickets aren't good but they happen to the best of us!

Meghan said...

Oh wow! You had quite the week! I hope this week is less chaotic for you.

And Glee. Hearts:)

Ruth said...

Tickets can really mess up your mood, can't they?

I LOVE that Patty wrote a love song to her dog. That makes me feel a little better, as a struggling single girl.

THANK YOU for your sweet comment. You reminded me of a necklace that I wear constantly, yet forget to read: one side says "To thine own self," and the other says, "Be true." I suppose it helps to practice that!

rachael said...

excuse me. come to houston. i will get you a pair of wide leg pants and 3 square meals a day. cross my heart.

Alyssa said...

a parking ticket AND a traffic ticket? they were out to get you!!

i havent heard of this patty but im rushing to itunes now to check it out :)