Thursday, April 8, 2010

bullet points.

- I just saw a bumper sticker that read "This is America... SPEAK ENGLISH!"
Sometimes people's opinions just make me very, very sad.

- I've got a large Psychopharmacology exam headed my way,
and I'm fighting it. I really, really am.
The past few weeks have been a complete uphill climb in regards to school.
I've found myself asking "Why?" one too many times.
"Why am I doing this again?"
I don't like these kinds of thoughts bouncing around in my head.

- And in regards to this,
I've been reading a lot of Rilke lately,
hoping to engage in some capacity-
to remember that my arrogance is just that,
ridiculous arrogance,
and that there is such beauty in our "ripening."

"Through the empty branches the sky remains.

It is what you have.

Be earth now, and evensong.

Be the ground lying under the sky.

Be modest now, like a thing

ripened until it is real,

so that he who began it all

can feel you when he reaches for you."

- Still loving the red bike. Still loving Marlo. Still loving the sunshine. Still learning to love myself.


Ruth said...

Love this post. I just had an argument/debate with my parents the other day, about immigrants in America and speaking Spanish in public schools. It's always infuriating, but perhaps more so coming from your own parents...

Meghan said...

Those types of stickers/posters make me so sad, too!

Elizabeth said...

i agree with you also, those type of comments make me mad also. a lot of ignorance nowadays, and i love your red bike too! it's too cute.

good luck on your exam!