Friday, March 5, 2010

sunny saturdays.

I think that sunny Saturdays are just about one of the best things in the world.

Around here, the trees and flowers are beginning to bloom and, slowly but surely,
color is making it's way down the street and throughout the neighborhood.
It's just asking for a good walk.

Also, my dog is unbelievably goofy looking.
It's okay.
I can admit it.

And while I'm admitting things,
I'd like to say that I've got the world's most beautiful baby sister.
Last night, after a long day, I came home and discovered a package from Anthropologie waiting for me.
I know.
GOOD surprise.
Of course, I tore it open mercilessly and
found the most perfect blue mercury glass votive.
My wonderful sister had sent it to me just because.

Love it.
Love her.
I mean, seriously. Could she be any more adorable?

Here's to a wonderful sunny Saturday all the way around.


Meghan said...

Adorable pics! I am in love with that dog. Happy Saturday!

Rachel said...

I'm dropping $800 on a camera tomorrow. I blame you and pictures like the ones above for this.

kateigh said...

sunny saturdays! my absolute fave!


Amber said...

I had a sunny Friday, Saturday AND Sunday this weekend and it was fantastic.
I'm also super jealous that your sister sends you Antrho gifts just because!

Elizabeth said...

i love the photo of your sister, and the flowers are amazing!