Saturday, March 27, 2010

the last 24 hours have included...

-Pad Thai and beer with friends.

(Also, I managed to call my Blue Moon a New Moon no less than three times.
Apparently tween vampire fiction was on the brain.)

- A sick puppy who managed to cover at least 65 % of our small house with vomit.
Yep. Vomit.

- An episode wherein I managed to fling a large glass of water across my room,
followed by a string of profanities that would make my mother blush.

- More vomit.

- Three hours of sleep.

-"Fun Run" this morning with lots of pretty flowers and cobblestones and churches and gardens. You know, the kinds of things that always look best when saturated in morning sunlight.

- And now,

Lots and lots of coffee.

Happy weekend to all.

p.s. I've got a pretty stellar giveaway coming up,
so stay tuned.


Meghan said...

Looking forward to the giveaway!

I love your photos. I want your weekend!

keila said...

beautiful pics, especially the tulips. those are my favorite flowers.

Liz said...

hey friend! i'm in the process of reading The Host... just as oddly addictive as Twilight without making you feel like a sixteen-year-old. i love your pics, and one of these days we'll need to catch up on the phone.

Elizabeth said...

hey, i've missed your post's! glad i can catch up now. amazing photos and sounds like you've had a lot of fun these past 24 hours. can't wait for the giveaway! i'm also hosting one too :)