Tuesday, March 2, 2010

deep breath.

I have this thing lately,
where I like to get up early.
(And when I say early, really what I mean is 8:00,
because when you stay up until 2 or 3 am
anything before 10:00 is pretty tedious.)

This is the point in the post where I remind everyone that I am a grad student, miles away from a "real" job, a coffee addict, and single. So, you know, sleeping until 10:00, if need be, is one of the perks.

So, with this recent increase in "early" rises,
I've discovered how much I love the routine that comes with the morning.

I love the whistle of my pink tea pot and the sound the hot water makes when leaving the pot's thin metal walls.

I love the way my backyard looks through my kitchen window,
green and uncertain, as if it is teetering dramatically on the edge of Spring.

I love Marlo's reluctance to leave my bed,
and my reluctance to do the same.

I love sitting alone in a quiet house,
wondering if the day that lies ahead will be one worth writing about at its end.

It's a bit like that very long, deep breath that one takes before embarking upon something a bit overwhelming.

And right now,
I'll take as many of those deep breaths as I can get.

Yes. I like mornings.
Very, very much.


Rhianne said...

I like mornings (I never used too) especially now that its sunny and those deep breaths are even more rewarding!

Ruth said...

Ah, you've captured it perfectly! Aren't mornings like that the best? (Unfortunately, not yet being in grad school and living with my parents doesn't afford me that yet--boo!)

Amber said...

O I completely agree. For some reason I've been cursed with the inability to sleep past 9, and so I am a long time fan of the morning routine.
Welcome to the early bird club!

Meghan said...

You had me at pink tea pot! I love it!

olive juice photography said...

i love mornings too! i love that your dog likes to lay in bed.. mine does too.. he hates getting up so early.. ! so funny!

Des said...

I still haven't gotten the hang of mornings. But I do really like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. That's the best.