Thursday, March 4, 2010

the day the camera died.

As you may recall,
we got a bit of good news last week.
And while our friends were in Hawaii,
thousands of wonderful souls volunteered time and money to
throw together a little something something for them upon their return.
Today they returned.
And I knew I had to somehow be a part of it.

So, after a bit of shameless flirting, covert ops and some good old fashioned bribery,
I passed through security.

(Apparently the crazies come out for this stuff because that set was locked down like Ft. Knox. Except without all of the actual locks.
And with more removable barricades.
And crying children. And people with hard hats.)

I finally made my way through the throngs of people towards some faces I recognized.
I was prepared to shout "MOVE THAT BUS!" in a way that would make Ty Pennington proud.
I was ready to capture all of the epic, raw emotion that I just knew I would see on my friend's faces when they saw their new home.
I was moments away from all of this...

and then my camera's battery died.

So, here's what you get to see instead:

Countdown. Which, for the record, is NOT accurate.

This is part of the new house. Squint and you can almost imagine what it would look like.

That guy. Pretty stinkin' adorable, actually.

Me with cute, grumpy kids.


Kindest couple in the entire world.

And madness. Sheer madness.

And then, of course, they moved the bus. I yelled. People cried. Children stepped on my feet.
And a few of those kind- of famous people that you sometimes see on t.v. appeared out of nowhere and I quietly judged Ty Pennington's choice of ensemble.

Yes. I admit it.

And, of course, our friends' lives were turned upside down.
The house was beautiful.
Their new car was perfect.
The money that was donated was unbelievable.
And all of it was just amazing.

Really, really amazing.

Air date to be announced soon.


keila said...

Wow, this just gave me chills. How wonderful for your friends and how awesome that you got to be a part of it!

Elizabeth said...

the pictures are amazing!!! and that baby is too cute!

Meghan said...

What an amazing opportunity! I bet it was so exciting to be a part of it!

Ruth said...

This is so cool! They did an episode for a family a few towns from where I live, but I didn't get to take part.

Love that baby in the sling!