Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a woman of a certain age.

Yesterday, as I was taking Marlo on a quick walk,
I happened upon this adorable older woman.
I quickly snapped a picture
(because I'm creepy like that)
and made a mental note to strive for this kind of excellence when I'm her age.
She took the sweetest, sassiest sock-clad steps you've ever seen,
and when I passed her and said hello,
she looked over at me and asked "How do you do?"



Leah said...

I love her too... xoxo

Meg said...

LOVE IT. you gotta keep your spunk! no matter how old you get :)

dandelion daydream photography said...

oh i love this! i do bikram yoga.. it's 105 degrees and there is this sweet elderly lady that comes in.. she must be nearing 80.. and does all the postures.. never sits down and doesn't drink any water.. i always have such a hard time concentrating on what im doing because im in such awe at what she is doing.. it makes me really happy

JMay said...

"How do you do"

Soooo cute :-)

Just stumbled across you blog & I love it!

growingfreely said...

i want to be that lady...

Amber said...

Aw, I really love old people sometimes. There is this one old man who goes to my ice rink, and whenever the old swing music is played he just comes to life.
I want to be like him when I'm grey and old.
(Hi, really like the blog by the way)