Friday, February 12, 2010

snow day.

Needless to say, more snow graced us with its presence.

Also, it appears that some new characters have moved into the neighborhood.
(Since I'm still looking for a date for Valentine's Day, I thought about going after the one in the cowboy hat. Although it appears that he is short one eye and without any kind of mouth. And let's be honest here. I like to eat way too much to waste my time on a mouthless cowboy. I don't care how good he is with a lasso.)

Snow Day 2010.
Mark it down as a day that will live in infamy.


Ruth said...

Haha love all the neighborhood snowpeople! Perhaps a snowman WOULD be better than no Vanetine's date at all...

There's something for you on my blog!

P.B. said...

Isn't it glorious! Not to mention the fact that school's out. Brilliant.

I love your neighborhood pics. I took Lily out to experience the snow for the first time, and despite her size... I'm definitely convinced she's part husky. It was love at first sniff, I tell you!

Hope you're having a great day!

Ruth said...

I totally just directed you to my site with nothing there for you. Oops! Check back :)

Nicky said...

Wow, those shots are gorgeous! Looks like fun!!!

Think we're going to have 80!!!! degree weather here for Valentine's day! Yikes... beach day???

rachael said...

and yet, all we get in houston is boring ol COLD rain.

Elizabeth said...

the photos are really nice and isn't snow fun!?

Lacy said...

I heard Texas was getting some snow. I was hoping you'd post pics!

Keila said...

Hello fellow Texan. I moved from Houston to just south of Dallas 11 months ago. Wasn't the snow just fabulous!?! Love your pics and your blog. I just started blogging last month and love it. Don't have many followers yet, but am trying my best to let my creative side shine. Anyways, glad I came across your blog today. Have a great week!