Thursday, February 4, 2010

food, inc.

Oftentimes, night time proves to be a bit of a battle for me.
I struggle to find the rest I need,
and more often than not,
it takes me hours to fall asleep.
It started about the time that things between the boy and I began to disintegrate,
and it has proven to stick around for a bit longer than I had hoped.

some nights I read.
Other nights I write.
Sometimes I count to some impossibly high number, like two thousand and fifty-four,
and then, still, other times all I can do is pray.
(Which is to say that I should probably pray more,
but I tend to believe that there is a lot of prayer to be found in our reading and in our writing,
and quite possibly even in our counting.)

But I digress.

And, then, on some nights,
(like last night)
I hack into my mom's Netflix account and watch a movie.

Which brings me full circle to what this post is really all about:

This film:

I finally watched it.
And it was horrifying, really.
I have a lot of thoughts on the matter as of today-
thoughts that I know most of my friends, past and present, have been sharing passionately for a long time.
But it wasn't until late last night,
circa 2 a.m.
that some of the pieces began to fall into place.

So, watch it, I say.
And then let's discuss.

For more information on the film and the issues behind it,
visit here.


Elizabeth said...

Looks like an interesting movie to watch. i will definitely see it! and i know what you mean about not sleeping. the same has been happening to me too. just watch a little t.v.

Ruth said...

Ah, I started this movie a few nights ago (amidst a similar bout of insomnia) upon provocation by my sister who was completely struck by it and convinced me. I haven't finished it yet, but I can't wait to. It makes me want to read every single book they mention. And stop eating.

Megan said...

Oh I havent heard of this, i think it would be quite confronting yet interesting. I will have to try and see it.

CAPow! said...

I've watched the first half hour, I borrowed it from a friend this weekend...I haven't been able to make it through yet, but I want to finish it!

Rachel said...

That movie is why I hopped on the free range/organic/predominantly vegetarian train this past month... although it was TOUGH to say no to buffalo wings at the airport a few hours ago.

Also, I think I may find a way to hide a pipe bomb at Monsanto headquarters. More details to come. You heard it hear first.

Liz said...
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Liz said...

i bought free-range chicken at the store the other day because i remembered the time-lapse comparison of chickens showing how most chickens now are so much white meat that they can't even walk. ugh.

Lacy said...

I added this to my Netflix queue. I work for a local grocer, so this should be interesting (since I know what goes on behind the scenes). Plus, I've started a healthier, more conscious diet. Maybe this will help me keep it!