Saturday, February 6, 2010

eyes wide open.

Today is my first day off in a couple of weeks,
and I couldn't be more thrilled.
I attempted to study,
and when that didn't pan out too well,
I found myself wandering around Barnes and Noble
just for the sake of wandering around.

One observation to note:
Why is it that the Anime section is an entire row,
while the poetry section contains only two side-by-side shelves?

(Anime- something I don't think I will EVER understand...
along with Long John Silvers, tights as pants, and people who drive Hummers.)

But back to the matter at hand:
my day off.

I have so much that I want and need to do,
and yet all I can think about is sleep.
I want to do so much of it during the day
and none of it during the night.

But, this, THIS, is me with eyes wide open.
And they will not give into sleep until tonight...

or at least for another twenty minutes or so.


Dirty Hair Halo said...

hehe... Long John Silvers...

that tickled me.

Elizabeth said...

aw. off days are fun! i hope you enjoyed it and i love the photo!!!

Des said...

It really is great to wander around Barnes and Noble. And I agree that some of the sections really do leave you scratching your head.