Monday, February 8, 2010

Call me a sap,
but I think this was my favorite commercial from last night's Super Bowl.
Take this and combine it with my mini-crush on Saint's quarterback Drew Brees (made all the more evident by his post-game tears and juggling of world's cutest baby boy) and I think it's a safe bet that my evening was well, well spent.


Elizabeth said...

I liked it too!!!

P.B. said...

Oh, you hopeless romantic, you! Love it! BTW, this is one of your real life buds bloggin' on the a-non now. It will take you five seconds to figure out who it is, though. I've missed you so! Have a great day, Kourt!


Amber said...

Hehe, my mom called me immediately after this ad aired and told me NOT to let this happen to me when I'm in Paris this summer.
Apparently it was not her fave.