Monday, January 25, 2010

Where did this weekend go?
Somehow it feels like time passes through my fingers as quickly as water.
I'm trying to lay hold of it, even if for a little while,
and yet it refuses to remain.

The sun is out today,
and all I want in the world is to be sitting on a beach
listening to life as it happens.
I think that instead I will sit here, in my quiet house, and take a few moments to listen to what needs to be heard, I suppose.

And speaking of what needs to be heard,
I can't stop listening to these guys.
Seems to match the air these past few days.

p.s. Here is a quick tutorial for the aforementioned tissue balls. I figured Martha knows best/why show you my pathetic attempt at a tutorial when there is already one up on the internet?

p.p.s I just realized I've got 50 of you crazies out there following my little blog! I'm so thrilled to have each and every one of you.
Thank you-


Elizabeth said...

the photo is lovely, and congratulations on the 51 followers!!

dandelion daydream photography said...

that picture is awesome! i love the blurriness and the vintage appeal! :)