Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm currently "taking cover".
i.e. sitting on my couch feeling as though I have an excuse to not do anything that requires much movement.
Tornadoes are all up in this mother.

It's 70 degrees and three tornadoes are on the ground,
all within a thirty mile radius.
This is how we do winter around here.


Elizabeth said...

I hope everything turns out okay. be careful!

kateigh said...

eeeek. scary. i guess i shouldn't complain about the snow here. although i was slightly jealous as i read 70 degrees?! stay safe!


dandelion daydream photography said...

oh scary! there was a tornado watch in Los Angeles yesterday.. we are all having some crazy weather

Lacy said...

I couldn't imagine. Our severe winds, rain and storms are nothing compared to what you get in the mid west. If I don't like ours, I'd be freaked the hell out with yours! Hope things mellow out soon!