Tuesday, January 12, 2010

tomato soup.

It's been a difficult day.
I'm feeling a lot of the things that I had hoped I was past feeling,
and I am completely disheartened by this fact.
I want so desperately to be beyond all of this.

After a morning of paying bills and running to the bank several times and approximately 15 phone calls to various financial institutions,
I was looking forward to an afternoon of rest.
Instead, I sat down and I cried.
And then I fixed myself a big bowl of tomato soup,
because I really like tomato soup.


kELLO! said...

ugh i hate dealing with the finances- and my husband works at a credit union!
hope your tomato soup cheers you up :)

Melly said...

Tomato soup always makes everything better. I hope things look up for you soon!

Megan said...

Oh I hate bills too. I just paid two biggies and has made me a little unhappy as well. I hope the soup cheered you up.
I tagged you for an award on my blog if your interested :-)

CAPow said...

I know the feeling :( this post sounds like the majority of my life for the past year and a half :(

shellbell said...

i feel your pain. i hope the tomato soup went down nice and comforting-like :)

bank stuff SUCKS.

rachael said...

i love you. also, tomato soup reminds me of you at 1009. tomato soup and hardboiled eggs. yes.

Rachel said...

dont be sad...but i get it :(

beeyum said...

aw. I hope you feel better, and that picture is lovely.

Chloe T said...

Courteney, I sincerely hope you feel better soon and that the tomato soup helped you along with that.
Just remember that no single, lone feeling will last forever. Ever. Brave the world with a huge smile and things can only go up from there.

From your blog, I'm gathered so many wonderful qualities about yourself. You deserve happiness and I hope that you're happy.
Drink more soup, smile more smiles and enjoy many more fantastic moments. :D

Best wishes, Chloe xxx