Friday, January 22, 2010

tissue madness.

I'm constantly amazed by the awesome things you can do with tissue paper.
Last night, after about an hour of cutting and folding and wiring and all of that crafty goodness,
this is what covered the kitchen table.

A friend is having a little get together to celebrate the newest baby in our bunch,
Selah Jude.
Isn't that a sweet name?

And this is what I notoriously contribute to any party I can-
tissue balls to hang and string with lights and other wonderful things.

I may not be able to bake a pie or change a diaper or
have a successful romantic relationship,
but damn it,
I know how to make a mean tissue ball.


Leah said...

Those are mean and fabulous tissue balls... I love the colors. You've done well! xoxo

Manju said...

mean tissue balls indeed! Respect.
that's really cool, i cant even make one

jennifer said...

can we get instructions? PLEASE????? those are amazing!

Elizabeth said...

amazing indeed you are! those are amazing!!! and the name is very lovely, and unique :)

Morgan Rae said...

i NEED instructions too! Maddox's 1st bday is coming up and I would LOVE to make some for it. :)

rachael said...

how to: go!

Nicky said...

So rad!!! I did these for my friend's baby shower too! It was a Mexican theme with a pinata and all. I did the tissue pom poms in sunset colors! Love em :) Selah Jude is an adorable name!