Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So This Is Christmas...

The short of it is this:
I made it back.

The long of it is that, um,
I accumulated a lot of stuff along the way.

I had such a wonderful break.
I love everything about the family that I am so blessed to call my own.
We had a cozy holiday that included my complete disregard for all things related to this blog.
My apologies for that.

But in its place there was lots of book reading and cookie baking and ukulele-playing and hot-chocolate drinking and thrift store perusing and football watching and dog wrangling and scrabble/yahtzee winning and snow shoveling.

And then, as I do every year, I said goodbye.
(Except this time I had a friend along for the ride.)

I hope all of your Holidays were as wonderful and cozy as mine.
And, I suppose it should be said, Good Riddance 2009.
I have never been more thrilled to have a year behind me.


beeyum said...

The pictures are lovely. i like everything you did, and how you took a picture of everything. i especially like the picture of the coffee mug, and the frosting for the cookies!

Morgan Rae said...

love the pics, ESPECIALLY the first one. That looked just wonderful.

zenfullyme said...

Yes, good riddance '09! Glad you had happy holidays and a good family visit! You're pictures are wonderful!

Organic Meatbag said...

awwwwww...sweet doggies!