Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snail Mail.

I wrapped a few packages and wrote a few letters last night.
Somehow, doing so made me feel inexplicably connected.
Perhaps more so than I have felt in a long time.

The rain has returned to Texas,
and standing in line at the post office this morning reminded me of how cantankerous people can be-
especially, it seems, when overhead all you can see is grey multiplied.

And so I tried to smile more than usual,
and say hello to to USPS worker who seemed a bit overwhelmed.
Isn't that, after all, what sending mail is all about?
Throwing out hellos and smiles in as much time as it was originally designed to take, without digital interference or a ".com" to restrict the feeling that comes with the sound of a ripping envelope...

Don't you think?


growingfreely said...

i absolutely agree - absolutely! i love real mail. there's just something about seeing someone's handwriting and even them just taking the time to send it that is comforting and makes you feel that much more connected - because it's a form of them!

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love getting mail. it's so much fun! i would love to try it for one month. just send random people letter/packages to see what it feels like. hope you feel better :)

kateigh said...

real mail is the greatest. as much as i love my little internet connection (obviously because of all my blog besties!), a little old fashioned letter just brightens my day.


dandelion daydream photography said...

i totally agree! there definitely is a sense of connectedness.. my brother and i got into an argument over real mail the other day, and basically you just summed up everything i was trying to explain.. thank you.. :)

Micaela said...

absolutely. i miss my old postman in Texas. I would always hold a conversation with him because you're right, they do always seem so overwhelmed and because i saw him so often, he felt like a friend.

there is nothing better than happy mail.