Wednesday, January 13, 2010



The devastation in Haiti has put a lot in perspective for me this morning.
Not to say that I am thankful for such a tragedy,
but rather I'm thankful for these days and breaths and moments that I've been allowed.

My heart is still on the mend I suppose,
and for whatever reason it seems that the past two days have reminded me just how fragile this girl can be.

Silly me to have forgotten.

But, fragility is a gift in itself, I've decided.
I'm happy to feel things and cry tears.
I'm blessed to be able to weep for my own loss of love and plans and ideas,
as well as for the multitude of lives lost thousands of miles away.
One is acutely more important and devastating than the other
(for who am I but one in the midst of a million others, many whose hearts were also certainly on the mend, and instead found their conclusion)
and yet, I know that it is my capacity to mourn the losses in my own life that allows me the ability to do the same for the lives of others.

Yes. I am thankful for my fragility and all that it entails.

Silly, silly me to have forgotten.

For those interested in donating to the Haiti efforts,
here is a list of several organizations that are currently providing aid.


beeyum said...

this just breaks my heart.

Des said...

This really is horrible. I can't understand that level of suffering.