Sunday, January 31, 2010


Sometime during these last few days,
two sweet ladies passed a couple of blog awards my way.

Elizabeth from Simply Bee asked me to share seven things that I love,
and Adri from I Love My Rain Boots asked me to share seven facts about myself.

Thank you and thank you to both of you wonderful ladies!
(Ha! I've got you both fooled into thinking I've got interesting things to share;))

shall we?

1. LOVE: this face-

2. FACT: I've got two (TWO!) of the world's smallest ears.
1 and a 1/2 inches in height, my blogging friends.
And for those who are wondering, that's really small.

3. LOVE: This show. It's like crack cocaine to me.
(Anyone else see the irony in that statement?)
In fact, just the other night, a bit past midnight, I shouted at my roommate as she headed to bed: "WAIT! SERIOUSLY? You CAN NOT go to bed! REHAB is on!"
She laughed at me.
And then she went to bed.

4. FACT: It wasn't until I was a junior in college that I learned the expression "bane of my existence" was not actually "vein of my existence", as previously thought
(and loudly used on many an occasion).

5. LOVE:
This picture of my mom and dad. I took this with the Holga a few months back following the funeral of my sweet MaMa. (A small west Texas town- can you tell the wind is blowing?)

(Aren't they the cutest?)

6. FACT: When I was younger I had a slight speech impediment in which I hissed a bit too strongly when using the letter "s".
But, in one of life's many twists of fate, this only served to help me procure the role of the serpent in my high school's performance of The Little Prince.
I pretty much nailed it.

7. LOVE: Rereading this book.
I am most certainly always in need of more thoughts on faith.

Now, onto more wonderful bloggers and thinkers.
If I tag you, take your pick of what you would like to share.

Katie at her Blahg.
Samantha at Post Grad Hair Cut


Liz said...

you certainly did nail the part of the snake. and I remember B talking to you about the benefit of your hissy 's'. :) good times...

adri. said...

such a cute puppy. :) and you are very welcome! you're blog is amazing!

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Court!

And your parents really are too damn adorable... yet somehow they managed to produce this hissing, slow-blinking baby.

Universe, you continue to confound me! [shaking fist at sky]

rachael said...

i was there for #4. love it.

Elizabeth said...

glad you enjoyed doing as well as i enjoyed reading it! i love love love the photo of you father, and mother, it's AMAZING! i also had the "S" impediment. it always worked in my favor. great list!

Kate and Oli said...

who WOULDN'T love that face?! super cute dog :)

i found you through simply bee and just wanted to say hi and that i like your blog!


dandelion daydream photography said...

oh cool! yay another blogger tagged me too.. i guess i have to really get on it and do it! thank you :) and thank you for all of your sweet comments!

Rachel said...

Ok, I posted my seven facts... you have to explain to me what makes a blog award different from a chain letter at some point, but I'm still into it!

joyful girl said...

Much thanks for the love!! I've been on the road & have some catching up to do, but I will soon be passing it on. :)

Des said...

This was an excellent post. I really enjoyed the facts that you shared.