Monday, December 28, 2009

White Christmas.

There's been a lot of snow around here-
the most Nebraska has seen in the month of December according to the Almanac.
(But what does the Almanac know, really?)
This has equated lots of hours spent inside,
and a few spent outside,
shoveling and trudging and trying to make sense of this new white world.
It was a lovely, cozy Christmas that I'm sure I will get around to posting pictures about later.
I'll be home another week
and then I head back south.
Of course, as of now, my car is barricaded to the curb by three-foot tall piles of plow-pushed snow.
So, in theory, my migration may be interrupted

Happy Monday to all.
(it is Monday, right?)


Elizabeth said...

snow is always fun! I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas, and the picture is nice.

happy holidays :)

rachael said...

glad you had a cozy christmas...i am assuming that all the buzzing between texas and neb has gotten the kebosh. thanks for your call yesterday-even though we didn't get to talk it meant a lot :)

Jared Gould said...

I'm in Kansas.... got snowed out of Texas today.... looks like I may be snowed in tomorrow. Wanna pick me up on your way back to Texas?

boots said...

YAYAYAY love snow! i got a chance to go snowboarding last week- it was so cold and snowing but i had such a great time! hope you have fun! xoxo, Katie