Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update and Some Photo Love.

Big weekend around these parts.

The roommate bought a macbook pro.
(Yes please.)

The Longhorns reinforced how despicable they really are by weaseling their way past my boys and into the National Championship.

I got to see an old friend play some music for a bit.
(Sic 'em Baylor.)

We had a little all girl's slumber party last night complete with cookie dough and Ryan Reynolds on the t.v. screen.
(That was a win-win kind of situation if I've ever seen one.)

And, finally, we found out that on Tuesday, Joseph, our Maasai friend, is going to be flying into the states for two full months.
How awesome is that?
(Pretty stinking awesome.)

And so, in his honor, I dug through a few photos from our time in Kenya and decided to post a few of my favorites.

(Aren't they handsome?)
(And isn't my padre handsome as well? I think he outshines Kilimanjaro any day of the week. I, on the other hand, look like I've been hit by a truck. But, still, I love that we were there together.)

(We spent many an hour hanging laundry.)

(I love their feet. So precious.)

(One of my favorites.)

(That bike saw thousands of miles, I'm sure of it.)

(Our friend Jeremy with Joseph Jr.[the one who's coming in two days!] and Joseph Sr.- each such a gentle, gentle soul.)

Good things.
Good things.

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Elizabeth said...

AMAZING pictures. great job on capturing the essence of sadness.