Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Just scraped some serious ice off of my car.
I haven't done that in a long time.
Now I'm sitting in a cozy little coffee shop sipping an almost perfect latte out of a drinking glass.
I'm waiting to meet an old friend.
Is there anything better than old friends and great coffee?
To that I say,

Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve??
I'm amazed.
I think all I want for Christmas is for all of the political ads up here to cease.
(*side note* Ben Nelson, the whole world hates you. Deal with it.)


It's the game of the season.
My mom is ridiculously lucky when it comes to those little dice.
I, however, am not.

And, the buzz is, more snow is on the way.
Lots of it.
My family has plans to drive out to see some more of our clan.
I think we may be snowed in playing more Yahtzee instead.

So, to all of you-
Merry Christmas!
And I pray all of your holidays are safe and simple and wonderful.

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Elizabeth said...

cute picture, and happy holidays!