Friday, December 4, 2009


What I should do:
Finish inputting data for a write up I have due next week.

What I want to do:
Re-watch this week's episode of Glee. Did you guys see it? (Spoiler Alert) HE FINALLY KNOWS!!!! Thank the good Lord above. Sheesh.

What I should do:
Clean my room, organize my closet, finish my laundry.

What I want to do:
Stay in my pj's all day to help minimize aforementioned laundry pile.

What I should do:
Not spend money on a new pair of boots.

What I want to do:

What I should do:
Take Marlo on a walk... even though it's 29 degrees outside.

What I want to do:
Kidnap Marlo and make her cuddle with me on the couch... because cold weather and I don't have the kindest of relationships (my eyes start procuring goop and my cheeks burst into RED! and I get cranky when I lose feeling in all of my beloved extremities) and, oh yeah, did I mention that it's 29 DEGREES OUTSIDE?!? * And yes, I know my midwestern roots should have prepared me for a mere 29 degrees, but there's a reason, kind sirs, that I reside in the south...*

How are you all spending your Friday?


Rachel said...

you may roll your eyes after you see what I am about to say, but the truth is, that being single and being able to just BUY THE BOOTS is such a great thing. I want to BUY THE BOOTS SO bad it hurts a little, and I cant because I have another set of eyes watching my bank account...and I dont mean God...Im pretty sure he wants me to buy the boots!
love you

Elizabeth said...

doing homework, and under the covers with my child sounds like a great idea! happy friday :)

jme4ya25 said...

Working out, figuring out what classes to sign up for, and going to Billy Bob's to do some dancin!

lyndsey said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! rachel - that is reason # 3324892734 of why i love you.

adri. said...

haha. i have wasted so much money on clothes and shoes, even stuff that i never wear, but it still feels worth it for some reason. :)

and the walking the dog situation sounds like me too, hahah.