Saturday, November 14, 2009

A productive day was had yesterday. I think I organized anything I possibly could. Except for my car. But don't tell my dad. In his eyes, the mark of a decent person can be directly correlated to how well-maintained his/her car is. So, in short, I am a despicable, awful human being. But all of my art and crafting supplies are neatly in order.

I also did a little revamp to the blog, as you may have noted (if you are not subscribed in a reader). There is more work to be done, but for now, I needed a different layout to allow for more space. I do, after all, like a bit of cozy (albeit organized) clutter around me most days.

Also, Marlo and I hiked to the park. And by hiked I mean I drug her down the street while trying to pay attention to my "Stuff You Should Know" podcast. We're really in touch with nature up in here.

Happy Weekend.

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Kristin said...

EEEK, I'm really not successful then, cuz my car is a total wreck!