Monday, November 23, 2009

Today doesn't quite feel like a Monday.
And I don't quite feel like myself either.
I haven't pinpointed why.
I think it just may be one of those days.

I'm still trying to understand how this month dissipated so quickly.
Thanksgiving is in three days?
Finals are in three weeks?

Isn't time a funny, funny thing?

Last night, while driving with two of my favorite people,
I had to play one of my favorite holiday songs.
(I sang the high part- obviously.)
I know I should have waited,
but I just couldn't help it.
The lights and cool air needed a little seasonal and political musicality to complete the scene.
And it was perfect.


Leah said...

I was singing the song too. Love that song!

Christmas is just around the corner so the song is just apt.

Sara said...

it's gone by so fast it's irritating!!!

Elizabeth said...

It's actually good that time is passing by fast! school can be a drag sometimes!

Being Brazen said...

I love Christmas music