Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I have a secret...

(photo credit: google images)

I checked this out from the local library about two months ago,
and I'm never giving it back.

I wanted Shel to work his literary magic on a younger boy that I am tutoring.
It worked.
My little guy who despises reading LOVES this book. He likes to turn the poems into songs. And serenade me.
Very dramatically.
And very off-key.

And I love to listen to them.
Because then I can sing them back.
Even more dramatically.
And even more off-key.


boots said...

oh my! i used to love this book- thanks for the reminder.

rachael said...

kevin has it on his bedside table...dramatic readings abound.

janis said...

i'm so happy that old shel is getting through to the kid! :)

i am leading guiding reading groups at an elementary school and know all too well how lovely {and rare} that feeling is!