Thursday, October 22, 2009

... Without fear...

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my family and I these past few days.

West Texas was just as I remember it. My Mama and Papa's house was just the same as well, except that instead of an exuberant southern grandmother waiting to greet us when we walked through the door, there were rows and rows of casseroles and hams and pies brought over by neighbors and friends. That's one thing about the south- in times of trouble there is ALWAYS food to help ease the pain.

But truly, all was as it should have been. My mama would have loved every second of us all being together. She would have loved the words spoken at her service and the hydrangeas that lay across her casket. She would have loved our time spent sifting through her many books and our laughter and recollection of old memories. She would have been so excited to watch all of her children and grandchildren gather together in one space, unhurried and without distractions. I think we honored her well.

And yesterday, before I left, I found this card on which she had written a short prayer. It was tucked away beneath stacks of papers, and as I read it I felt as though her words were a gift to me- a gentle reminder of how simple our prayers should be.

"Dear Lord, I will try to look forward to the changes in my life without fear... I know you will lead me safely up every path. Amen."


Thank you Mama.


Ashley said...

What a precious recap. We just laid to rest Mark's who was an amazing Godly woman. Isn't it crazy how those funerals are such a celebration? Glad she's walkin' those streets of gold.... Love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Courtney, I had no idea. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Lots of love. ~Megan

zenfullyme said...

I'm so sorry! It's sooo hard to lose a loved one. And what a great prayer, well said. <3

Leah said...

Treasure the memories... I will keep you in my prayers.

Catherine said...

Wow, it sounds like that is the perfect prayer for you...almost like she was speaking right to you. ;) Glad to hear it was a lovely celebration. Still keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!