Friday, October 23, 2009


I witnessed this early Monday morning. This is why I love driving. You can't get rear views like this one on an airplane.

This morning has proven to be one that Mother Autumn would be proud of. I'm trying my very best to enjoy the small things of this day- the leaves dancing, the smell of my new candle burning, the thought of my beautiful friend's new baby that I was able to see Wednesday evening- these are the things that make our lives rich.

Again, thank you all so much for your encouragement. Life continues to surface, with all of the things that I need in the moment magically making their way to the top. I've been a bit absent from everything lately- from school, from my house, from this blog, from myself really... but I am really wanting to get back in touch. Sunrises like this one remind me why.


Leah said...

That beautiful sunrise is indeed a sign... hang in there girl.

Have a great weekend!

Des said...

Everyone needs to take a break from everything from time to time. And yes, that is a fantastic sunset.

Melissa said...

What a gorgeous sunrise; sometimes it's just what you need for a little bit of clarity. Hang in there.