Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Love.

As I keep discovering, blogging truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

I used to feel a bit self-conscious about my love of blogging, thinking that somehow it served as a lazy way for me to communicate and relate to those around me. Or I thought that maybe I just was enamored with the "publish post" button that allowed my words to magically appear for MILLIONS of people around the world to discover (obviously a book deal was just around the corner). And then, still, sometimes I wondered if it was only a kind of self-serving activity, providing the opportunity to whine and complain passive aggressively without ever having to manipulate my vocal chords.

I wondered what it really was good for, all of this blabbing and joking and photo posting.

But then, very slowly, I started to "meet" other bloggers and read their stories and glean encouragement from their comments. I started to smile at their victories and learn from their mistakes and look forward to hearing about their next adventure. I started to feel inspired by their endeavors and excited by their compliments. And, in the end, I realized I had stumbled into a little community of sorts. I discovered new people and places. I felt that I was challenged by these people. And, in the end, I think I decided that the blogging community was encouraging me to grow and learn and become a better person. And if that isn't worth something, than I'm not quite sure what is.

So, with that being said, I wanted to share a couple of the great blessings that the blogging world has sent my way the past few days.

1. I just read about this one this morning and I couldn't be more excited. Rhianne over at For The Easily Distracted has come up with a brilliant plan, and she's calling it The Photo Swap. I'm participating and think it's a really interesting way to engage with and get to know some new people and places. Check it out and spread the word!

2. I recently received my necklace in the mail that I won from the wonderful Being Brazen a few weeks back. I am in LOVE with it. Seriously, go check out Being Brazen and when you are finished jump over to Howlindoggie's Etsy Shop. The jewelry is amazing. Many thanks to them both.

3. And....don't hate me kids, but I won a SECOND GIVEAWAY!!! I know. What are the odds? I'm telling you, the blogging stars have aligned and they spell COURTNEY IS A ROCK STAR (or maybe, COURTNEY IS REALLY POOR SO SEND HER FREE FABULOUS GIFTS TO MAKE HER HEART SMILE)!!! And you have no idea how thrilled I am. I like to think of it as an early birthday present:)

What's Your Virtue? Lipglosses

Courtesy of Lipbliss!

Many, many, many thanks to Natalie over at (No) Sex and the City. I LOVE her blog (and I think I secretly... or not so secretly... want to change places with her for a day... I mean, the girl's on BROADWAY! How much fun is that?) Thank you Natalie! And many thanks to the crew at Lipbliss! You've officially made my week!


Sara said...

I just love blogging! And I am too attached to my blog x

Organic Meatbag said...

It sometimes shocks me too how much of a community of friends I have discovered through was originally just a way for me to put down some of the thoughts in my head before they slip from my subconscious... heheheh