Friday, September 18, 2009

So. Once upon a time I used to live in a glorious little combustion of a place called Waco, Texas. It was here that I met some of the most wonderful people and attended a nice, tidy, southern-to-the-core Baptist university that proved to provide me with an expensive yet extensive liberal arts education. There are days when I desperately miss my life there- the people, the quirks, the whole process of things, really- and then there are days when I'm relieved to have moved on... to another small, quirky Texas city to attend a not-quite-so-tidy and definitely not Baptist state university...

Anyhow, I digress.

(The point of this post is slowly surfacing, I promise.)

In order to help pay for my undergrad, I waited tables. for four years. at Chili's. because that's what you do when you're in college. and need money fast. and often. in exorbitant amounts. in cash. so that your friendly roommates can make up stories to their friends about how you work down the street at the local strip club called "Showtime". and only have one arm. thus making you their "one-armed stripper roommate". and then when you actually meet said friends they look down at both your arms and say "but I thought they said you only had one arm?".

But, again, I digress.

Anyhow, while waiting tables I met an unlikely group of great individuals. Some I grew to be rather close to. Others I did not. And some, well, some I am still getting to know better.

Like this one. I met Catherine almost seven years ago. We weren't very close back then. But now, via the magic of the blogging world, she is one of my absolute favorites. She's a rock star- she's a mom, a wife, a photographer, a teacher and a law student. She literally blows me away with her capacity to do it all- and do it beautifully.

This week, she has been blogging in support of 'National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week', sharing with eloquence and honesty about her journey since being diagnosed with Wegener's Disease.

Like I said. Rock. Star.

So, here it is, the actual point of all of my ramblings: Go check out Katherine's blahg and get informed. Say hello. And continue to check back in. She shares her heart and her life in a way that is always worth reading. Maybe you'll even learn a little something, eh?



Leah said...

Blogging can really bridge people. Thanks for the link on Catherine's site.

Rachael said...

in our defense..we never really thought people would believe us... :)

Katie said...

Seriously, I just read this out loud to Tom and my sister. You made me cry.



Thank you so much. You have no idea what that means to me. And you made me CRY.


M.E. said...

Blogger is so great. It's like putting human pieces of a puzzle together when you get glimpses of other's lives and those that have impacted it. Thanks for sharing your friends link. I will def. check it out. (boy, that last paragraph was not articulated well, but man, it's early).

Anyway, thanks again, too, for spending extra time helping me yesterday. I hope I'm not driving you insane, but I promise, you are helping me tremendously!

Anyway, I nominated you for an award. It can be found here:

Check ya latuur.